Marketing is not the beauty of advertising can be

recently, stairs advertising, bus station, TV ads are chicken flavor and crisp chicken PK ads on kfc. Exquisite picture, interesting PK war, plus two male god endorsement. The overwhelming influence of advertising on me is that I eat. The advertisement is too beautiful, the advertisement word is too beautiful, is lets me know that is not so delicious or will have the impulse which attempts in the belly hungry. This is probably the role of marketing. But once, it’s not as good as it is, so I won’t eat any more. The most is to pay attention to advertising. Enjoy the big star. So what is the significance of this marketing is just for the fans effect


marketing is not bragging

a lot of people are always very resistant to marketing, it is because many companies regard marketing as a means to promote their products, selling products. The products have blown advertising products as if it were raining flowers, with no predecessors after no. But the result is obvious, people feel like a liar. Even if some people can not stand the temptation of various marketing methods, such as the fan effect, even if it will buy the first time, it is difficult to form a large number of repeat customers. If you invest a lot of money to do marketing is only a one-time purchase behavior, some The loss outweighs the gain. This is also a lot of companies now feel that there is a business advertising, advertising is not a reason to break the business.

marketing is not bragging, although is not afraid of deep alley era is over. The nature of marketing has not changed. That is the appeal, found that the user’s potential appeal, equivalent to a burst of blood effect. The surface of advocating nature than attempt an ineffective solution marketing effect is much better. For example, white-collar office work, noon meal annoying queue, so online meal ordering O2O mode such as the rapid rise; more and more people use the Internet mobile phone, Taobao mobile phone, mobile phone banking, mobile phone reading has become a new industry. This is the result of the excavation requirements. What people want and what they have is always a contradiction. Marketing to do is not only to promote people’s surface needs, but also tap the potential demand.


is a more practical trial tasting marketing

we are in the supermarket, often see free tasting events. For example, Boiled dumplings, yogurt, fruit. As if this traditional product had a desire to buy, after a lot of people to eat, it is easy to trust and love. Beyond their own expectations of delicious natural become successful marketing.

in the Internet, there are many businesses settled in a variety of Internet sites, cooperation. In the forum, micro-blog distribution trial products. This has become a sought after marketing.

to achieve the actual effect is higher than the expected value, that is, successful marketing. Take the promotion effect of the Internet, such as the 51 search network to the promotion of enterprise services, in promoting their concern of enterprises at the same time, does not advocate the promotion effect as if it were raining flowers. When the actual effect of enterprise users after the trial, higher than the

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