Site navigation website to promote the great secret

since 04 years since the acquisition of Baidu hao123, site navigation station began to be widely concerned about the webmaster, the site is also standing like a spring, like the night reached the extent of flooding. In the intense competition situation, and the development of talent shows itself can really site navigation station less and less, in the selection of the "ten excellent site navigation station" (the sources cited in the "view" of "ten excellent site navigation station selection results" feeling ", you can through the specific Baidu search), a careful analysis of these successful site navigation station development, to concentrate on this web site navigation webmaster how much is a little inspiration. First of all, it should be clear that the site navigation station update slow, included fewer pages, it is difficult to achieve growth and development through search engines. Here is a detailed description of its promotion steps.

one, according to the needs of the user to grow;

users are not familiar with early because of the Internet, the Internet search engine is not mature enough, so the objective needs of Web site navigation, this time hao123, 265 and other well-known Web site navigation, is to achieve a comprehensive promotion purpose through word-of-mouth. This method can be followed by the early, was named ". Other ten excellent site navigation station" navigation station, such as Baidu, Google web site Daquan, universal navigation nets, 114la, QQ, Sogou web site, the site navigation station is very reasonable classification, the content is extremely rich, if the old way of user’s needs, it is difficult to achieve the desired purpose. Because now the site navigation station can meet the needs of users, the user how to choose your site navigation station? In the current Internet unfair competition, to meet the needs of users has been very difficult to keep the flow of long-term development by demand.

two, through a lot of money to invest in the development of

with the popularization of computer, more and more Internet users, just for the network of Internet users do not know what the site navigation station, so you need to invest a lot of money to buy a plane publicity, users of the site navigation station integration and so on, this method can be said to be a long-term, effective method, but the premise is you RMB must be adequate, but because of unfair competition in the Internet, need to continue to invest RMB, otherwise it is difficult to maintain long-term flow down.

three, through the transformation of the site, to achieve the purpose of development and expansion;

with the coverage of user station stereotyped site navigation of the eyeball, a long time will appear from the perspective of fatigue, so now some web site appears some new features, such as universal navigation nets enhanced life information classified and summarized, the establishment of "select recipes" and "fine recipes" as life Life Directory; 114la to further enhance the query function and so on, these methods greatly enhance user stickiness, improve the site usage, the good effect for the stability of web users, but.

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