Virtual son rain 3 on the way to promote the 2011 most awesome.

Hello, so far, I have mixed in SEO circles for more than a year, although their promotion level not, there are a lot of things to be improved in this year, learned a lot of knowledge, but also have some of his own case, but always feel inadequate, their promotion many of you feel powerless, though, but it does not mean he did not find some very good promotion skills, but these skills for me now is not very suitable, so has been shelved, today the virtual son rain deliberately promote these classical approaches made a summary of these methods below to see whether the concrete for you.

1, "donkey nets" promotion method

"donkey nets" event was borrowed in the East, is an opportunistic, at the time when the event analysis of many expert talked about some of their own views, such as Wang Tong, Lu Songsong. I had a webmaster and talked about this event, he also lamented the people behind the scenes planning this event is a talent, he said very want to know who the person is, but I was more people network on occasion and lamented the "donkey nets" harvest.

In fact, this incident reflects the

promotion methods there are many, for example, the opportunistic, Dongfeng is a very good strategy. Specific to our personal webmaster or optimize the promotion of enterprise stand can also take this approach, but this is the Dongfeng borrow some hot news events in the industry in the East, it is opportunistic hot events and activities of investment opportunities.

a lot of promotion is like this, we take a hot thing, leading many things of their own, and we need to do is in the things they raise a Babel of criticism of seize opportunities, create value for yourself. In fact, this method can make good use of, for example, some time ago because of Japan’s nuclear radiation led to the "salt" phenomenon, many media companies use it to write an article, leading to a lot of traffic, regardless of the flow of much value, is very successful in this single method.


2, electric business district promotion method

"electric business circle" contest is like a raging fire, whether it is on the front page of the site, or at the back of the webmaster is some very good webmaster, from the webmaster, we see a lot of good qualities, in the "electricity business circle" contest which we can learn a lot of things, one of which the most important thing is to learn the "electric business circle" contest organized by the promotion methods. In fact, before the SEO contest had several SEO contest, the most famous of the 07 years of "duhugu" contest and last year’s "bobaiyou" contest, the contest is the promotion of ideas to encourage competition, and the contestants to give the corresponding reward obtained after the final ranking, this year "business competition is as high as 10000 yuan, said more clearly is that many webmaster > by name and profit driven

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