Expose the software automatically hang up money scam

we all feel do Wangzhuan cool, not exposed to the weather, no one visiting, do not see others face away from home, sitting at home, blowing air conditioning can get the money. In fact, these feelings of superiority, is when you make money after some experience, if you do not make money, you have to face the reality, moving bricks earn living expenses. At the same time, but also because of the higher threshold is low, there is a computer with cable line, so many people come in, want to make money through the network, but to go too fast, because not so easy to imagine the wangzhuan.

of course, it is very much a very simple and very easy to Wangzhuan can make a lot of white network easy to earn money, but this project is almost always a flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. Because of this, there are some ill intentioned people carefully designed various tricks to lure new. This one, very classic is automatic on hook wangzhuan.

but in fact, really have automatically hang up money making project


I don’t think there’s anything. At least ten years removed from a Xing Wangzhuan, have not seen. If you look in the hook to make money, in fact, this is just a large number of links in the project. Around this hook, need to do the job very much. There will be no hang up on the project to make money, if you have to be careful. Today, we expose a Xing onhook software scam.

The money

onhook software station has a very beautiful official website, of course, this package is a must. According to the introduction, this software as long as the open, hanging on the computer can be, and then look at the money on the rise. They introduce the principle of the software is: through the search for a variety of key words, to help customers improve the site weight. It sounds as if really is such a thing, let us when it is really.

then hang up the site for the introduction is the return, the software is divided into three versions, respectively is the official agency, official card version, trial version, but the first two version if you want, is the need to pay to buy, according to different versions, each one hour can get about 10 or 6 dollars. It is hanging a day can get 240 or 150 yuan. In fact, in fact, this income is quite attractive, because, as long as hanging on the line, does not require any operation.

due to the charges, and for the first time to contact this money hook software, most people are tempted to doubt, but their design is very good, launched a trial version (below), a trial version of Axin after testing, ten minutes after the balance becomes 1 dollars. Wow, it seems really effective. Of course, I did not find customer service to mention now, but I know that, in general, is certain to mention the. Because once you are successful, you will believe that this software has more hook. That’s exactly what they did.


here, I’m sure you know exactly what’s going on here. >

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