Gossamer, mutual contact on how fans become real money

fans economy to allow each individual can be fully interactive, interactive, sharing. Therefore, the interaction is not only two-way interaction between the fans and the operators, more important is the multidimensional network interaction between the fans and the fans. Based on the sharing of interests between individuals, we can fully tap and extend the content value of tribal groups.


in the Internet age, most people are recognized, the traditional business economy will gradually transition to the fans economy. Foresight, began to develop its own group of fans. For example, from the beginning of last year, the rapid rise of the media rely on WeChat platform began to force.

fans in the gradual growth, but how to implement fans for the majority of people, gather fans easy, want fans to pay, it is really difficult. This is not really a difficult magnitude.

look at today’s WeChat fans based on micro-blog platform, the realization of the difficulty is not accidental, there are still objective reasons.

micro-blog powder, gossamer

micro-blog development so far, the media property is getting stronger and stronger, the attributes of the media, it is decided to spread the information more easily, and it is difficult to increase feedback. As early as the network line ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line), uplink and downlink bandwidth completely asymmetric. This situation will cause the lack of sense of the existence of the group of fans, fans behind the living individual attributes cannot reveal, each individual fans are like gossamer like weak gas. Because of this, it is very difficult to produce individual consumption behavior.

The one-way transmission of

information, apparently hindered two-way communication, which is an unequal interaction. With such a lack of a noisy square of the individual, zombie powder rampant, it is difficult to let people down to produce calm consumption.

WeChat powder, mutual stealth

compared to micro-blog, WeChat’s flagship acquaintance social, people more real, there is a letter, which is a large number of people to abandon the fundamental reason for abandoning micro-blog WeChat. As of the end of last year, the total number of more than 2 million WeChat public, the daily number of new public 8000. Is not prosperous, streams of people busily coming and going, but the real flow through the realization, it really is very few.

can not be denied, through WeChat’s public platform, gathering fans than micro-blog is more real and better quality, this is a fact. But from the realization, but also far worse.

established by the WeChat public number of fans, is still a two-way interaction, but also not enough two-way. Fans send a message, if the operator response time is then overtime, don’t allow any reply. Of course, this is from the perspective of ordinary users, enhance the experience. But the resulting lack of interaction, for the realization, is not a good thing.

and the real fans of the economy, to achieve through the fans, you need to meet the following conditions:

V vs – equality of the grass root? No


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