Quoine was $16 million B round of financing to dominate the Asian bitcoin trading market

Quoine is a Singapore bitcoin transaction and other related services of encryption currency start-ups, for the Asia Pacific region, the main market is Japan, now Quoine’s headquarters have moved from Singapore to japan. The company was founded in the beginning of the yen denominated transactions, and then slowly expand to the U.S. dollar and the euro, has supported ten yuan, including Singapore and Hong Kong dollars.


Quoine yesterday announced that it has received $16 million B round of financing. Now B round of financing continues, Quoine said there may be some potential business partners to refinance $4 million. This financing is mainly due to a monetary transaction management by the Japanese Congress recently encrypted through the bill, the bill has a bright future for the bitcoin transactions, because it represents the bitcoin demand will grow exponentially. In September last year, Quoine received a $2 million A round of financing from several angel investors, Jafco, a Japanese investment firm, and a venture capital firm and several commercial companies.


Coinhills’ global bitcoin trading volume ranked in real time, Quoine ranked seventh, the top six are Chinese exchange. This ranking is sufficient to prove that Quoine is Japan’s largest bitcoin trading center, and is also among the best in the world. At present, Japan’s annual foreign exchange (FX) trading volume has reached as high as $50 trillion, Quoine co-founder Kayamori forecast the next 10% of foreign exchange transactions will be completed by the encryption currency. Quoine bitcoin transactions every day now worth $50 million, but Kayamori believes that this number can be doubled 100 times.


you may have such doubt, Quoine in Japan bitcoin market awareness is not high, it is true, but it is very high in the total amount of transactions in the rankings, it is how to do it? What prompted this ranking? The answer is their B2B2C (business-to-business-to-commerce) business model. Through this model, Quoine provides a back-end engine for bitcoin transactions.

in Japan, many Internet service providers and online portals provide online brokerage services for stocks and foreign exchange transactions. However, as a typical financial platform, they have some demand, including guarantee cost efficiency, and remain active and stable, so many financial platform adopts the system of some other securities. This situation may also occur in the bitcoin trading industry, so Quoi>

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