Taobao basic marketing brand concept

friend recently opened a shop selling Taobao, South Korea stationery, let me help out of ideas.

search on Taobao in South Korea stationery has more than and 200, compared to the card product is less, but still need some time to get something, especially for the newly opened shop, a crown shop, that in the end how basic optimization


I gave her 3 suggestions

1, buy decoration

The Taobao N

service in the home, not difficult to find the reason, the price is low, a lot cheaper than to find a professional design, and is a new, no need to spend a lot of money to toss. Product picture must be clear.

2, buy domain name

to find a good name of the domain name, I was recommended is the meaning of stationery fans, this is a key, expect the chance of Taobao repeat customers, although very low, but still have to do this article

no matter whether people will find you buy things, domain names do, the level of the entire site is different, will give customers a more professional feeling, this is the most basic marketing of a brand. If the domain name is good to remember, to store the chance to make repeat customers will increase accordingly.

3, brush credit

although this is illegal, but still need to do, this is the basic, must first drill, then you can rely on their own strength and service, but if the drill are not few not to say, first impression to the customer’s credit is low, uncomfortable, unless you are particularly rare, will do the corresponding consider.

3 except the last one, in fact, is the most basic marketing, who can do all these design and domain name on the Internet the most basic things, we must first consider, grasp before others, to win the first opponent in the marketing.

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