Each request, look at the promotion and operation of the secret network

      now the Internet era, " " sun Nothing is too strange., dense; the popular web site, your Internet sun, my secret Internet privacy. Each request. Read a report yesterday, check the Internet to see, there is a sun dense website, popularity is still very busy! Www.xx.com sun secret website.

      everyone has some secrets in mind.

had dug a hole to the tree hole, secretly tell secrets; one fold a boat, the secret to write on the paper drift into the sea. Now, people have set up websites to let everyone speak freely, spit in your life can not say the secret.


netizen sun ":

content for personal feelings

in a "secret forum", look at the first 5 pages after the discovery, the so-called secret and personal feelings about almost everything. Have to love miss, the unhappy childhood talk, for I hate eternal confession. At the beginning of the secret, most people wrote: "hold on for a long time, finally can say. These words have never been spoken to the best of friends……"

in the next open secret, some people said they had done against their conscience, some people even related to the deviant sorry love, ethics. In many disputes, only a small part of the career or career encounter, such as their own business loss of 3 million yuan, but has been afraid to tell his family; some people vent their dissatisfaction with the work and leadership.

"sun close to 30 years old young white-collar workers and students. It can be seen that they posted in addition to talk, more out I decide on what path to follow confused and helpless, the secret off your chest, temporarily relax.

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