Several key points of nternet marketing of small and medium enterprises

encountered a network marketing personnel of many small and medium enterprises, smug, ask them why they say the boss is so in high and vigorous spirits, do a platform, investment 4489, and this project is in charge of him, I knew the boss, not far away from the dead; often encountered technical expert, is a contemptuous disregard for network marketing, that the Alibaba website platform program awesomeness is be nothing difficult, they can also do several platforms.

this is a common problem for SMEs, dish up to dive not to know the depth of things, do platform, an aircraft carrier, but do not know even Tencent so Niubi, just start from a small penguin began, a real platform is to achieve the ultimate product, to attract enough users. Then for the development of new user demand point, gradually, rather than to large, that is some thinking of basic rhythm, so small and medium-sized enterprises to do the Internet, take a little further down, no way to know nothing.

of small and medium-sized enterprises is another common problem that the Internet is just a web site that can be placed in the business, you do have to hire a website or network, where the problem you have to apply for the domain, at a loss what to do; you want to record, to take care of the maintenance personnel, but also to pay drainage flow from consider the problem, or like a hotel kitchen not take guests to dinner, there can not produce results.

actually did not need so much trouble, apply for a QQ, with space to do your site enough, even millet such enterprises, enterprises of China Merchants Bank that can use QQ space to do your landing page conversion page, why can not the enterprise, and it can save money and convenient, also in line with young people use habits, Why not?. If you do not operate space, to find the level of the river, I have some experience in this regard.

some small and medium-sized enterprises is more afraid to put less money paid traffic, more afraid to throw advertising more less money, and finally formed a vicious spiral, enterprises increasingly shrinking; people will actually do in the start-up stage most of the funds are placed in the start up of paid advertising. Some people are afraid to vote in the wrong place, a waste of money, I think this time to bear the risk of entrepreneurship, fear is useless, it is best to find a understand some of the guidance will be much better, such as joining the river level renovation team, I will give guidance in the drainage fee.

when companies began to earn some money, do not rush to put the money into the pocket to bind with, advertising, like saving type began to busk, at least to put the place open, otherwise how you play it. This article for the original river water, want to see more exciting articles, please add WeChat, micro signal is the river level renovation team initials (


suggests doing some Baidu alliance of small and medium-sized enterprises, a kind of button advertising pay per click advertising, little effect is good; if you have a certain amount of money, it is best not to use the means of operation began to free, free not to say not so, but slow, time >

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