Ranking on the search engine — the way of bridge!

(Note: here said the "  search engine" refers to the use of search robot to collect siteobservation true search engine, not including   Yahoo in the "catalogue". To understand the concept and classification of search engine further, please refer to the relevant articles of   station);    

unfortunately these methods we know too late! Search engines are much faster than we learn, and now almost all of the search engines can tell the trick". So if you use these methods to now, not only useless, but also self defeating, the search engine will punish you: don’t take you to this site.    

but the site is not a book, it is actually between each page of the parallel, virtually the entire network in each file is cross links in a plane, rather than the book, from the cover of the first page, and then to the back of each page is vertical.    

In addition

although we always imagine a SEO in the planning, design and production site, as if people are from here to our site, but in the network, each page may become the SEO, people can from any page into the site, between pages into the volume difference from in our propaganda the difference between them, and not because of their different. We design SEO on the one hand because;

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