To promote the movie station Canon

one. Like other webmaster said method, in the famous BBS and blog message, so as to seduce spiders. Remember to sign to have their own web site, back to the post to often sit on the second floor or eighth floor, second floor forum because most easy to see, the floor is at the bottom, people can see the reply.


hi registered in Baidu, then add friends, then published articles contain their own web site, this is why? Because you will find a lot of people on the page column, "updates", is your article will be indexed on his page, if you have 1000000 friends and your article is displayed in the 1000000 friends page, that is not afraid of spiders, is not afraid of


three. Registered circle blog, because he has a circle, you can add more than n circle. The same reason, an update you blog article is shown in the circle. If you join the circle of 100 members, each circle of 10000, of course, some more, is also likely to 100*10000 people to browse through this article, you know, good ah. If you write two articles, add your number two? Brick thrown out, ha ha

four. Adding flow alliance, various types of sites have all kinds of alliances, take my website, I was the movie station, to find the movie station alliance website to recommend love entertainment navigation and so on some movie website traffic alliance, adding a swap chain alliance, such as eight side chain and the Qixi Festival chain and some other exchange chain, their code generally have some seductive pictures, you put into your code in various parts of the site, you give them a little over time they will give you back 3 IP or more, the more the higher the proportion, I found the highest the proportion is 1:10 400ip them to more than 4 thousand anti hits are absolutely real flow, because they also included your web sites in their movies, early station not to do Advertising, put your ads are placed on the flow union picture code, so that the more anti IP back and forth.

, of course, can also be used to promote QQ, QQ stick it, Baidu post bar, e-mail publicity, forum mass, but more tired, it was mentioned before, here is not mentioned. If you follow my way, 1 months at least 5000IP+, finally remind webmaster to place the film easy to click ads and code, the best type of temptation, because we know that most of the movie is goat did not find every movie station put half naked porn ads? Are ranked first,


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