Jiang Likun please understand and carry out micro-blog marketing


is more and more fire, successfully ignited the market in micro-blog Sina, Tencent, NetEase and other giants have joined. Micro-blog’s hot, but also to promote the emergence of a new marketing approach: micro-blog marketing". As early as the Sina micro-blog in full swing, QQ and push a forum in which there is often a friend asked me how to look at micro-blog marketing, micro-blog marketing how to do so. Today I will be a one-time view, ideas are written out, we want to help.

marketing is not blindly follow the trend of

many people now open micro-blog, is actually with the flow, see others are in the collar, feel can not be out of date. For ordinary users to follow it, but as a marketing staff to follow the booing, main outrageous. Because as a marketing person, before planning a marketing project, we must understand why marketing, how to marketing, to get what should be as clear as noonday marketing. If marketers themselves confused, just follow others to follow, the end is wasting a lot of time, energy, manpower and material resources, and finally it is left with nothing whatsoever.

like the micro-blog marketing is so, a push in the forum, many people are doing the so-called micro-blog marketing, but they do not know why, how to do, do not know can play what role. Just listen to people say that micro-blog is good, listen to media reports that micro-blog marketing is good, blindly follow the trend.

in fact, micro-blog marketing popular, largely thanks to the media hype. But the media hype micro-blog, a micro-blog platform in marketing itself, because micro-blog itself also need to promote. Two micro-blog is a new thing, the news value. For the news media, as long as there is something newsworthy, they will report. Three is a number of enterprises or individuals in the wind to take micro-blog marketing. For example, VANCL, micro-blog launched the first time on the registration of micro-blog, while high-profile announced their success in the marketing of micro-blog. But in fact, micro-blog marketing itself, and did not achieve much success, its success lies in the media to build their own to become a typical case of micro-blog marketing, and then widely spread.

that is not to say that micro-blog itself does not have the marketing value, the answer is certainly negative. In order to clarify this issue, let us look at the success stories at home and abroad to see how people do.

micro-blog marketing success stories

Obama’s example: brother through the micro-blog pony successfully running for president of the United States is the most successful case of classic examples, also be widely spread. Its success lies in the close distance between voters and micro-blog. During the campaign, the pony team every day brother in micro-blog and focus their interaction, imagine a big man in a small but usually superior micro-blog and we often chat interaction, we can not vote for him? In fact small Tobago competitors have opened micro-blog, but that the guy is just the micro-blog as >

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