How to make the best effect of soft Wen

soft Wen, never outdated, never fading. When there is business, when there will be soft.

marketing is a technology, some people proficient in Baidu optimization, a monthly income of hundreds of thousands of millions. Some people have mastered the marketing of fish ponds, making big money. Also some people hold the soft Wen marketing, the same cow to not.

for example, Shi Yuzhu became the most successful businessman, after becoming the most successful losers. But later people than ever to stage a comeback, and every time a lot of cattle.

rely on is soft. Rather than advertising, advertising is only after he succeeded in order to occupy a larger market to launch. We will not be unfamiliar with the classic advertising words. This year my parents not gifts, gifts received only melatonin.

soft text of the power of how much? If you often go to the end of the world, you will find everywhere is soft.

The benefits of

soft is very direct, or to bring you a deal, or bring you to increase brand awareness. Or bring you fans.

is the most successful soft article inside, consumers can not see advertising.

for example, I’m selling honey. I’m sure I won’t write about how much honey I have.

I will go to a certain class of people, to write an article to them to see the soft.

, for example, I want people with low blood sugar. Because honey contains sugar, and some honey does have a good effect on hypoglycemia. In the name of an authoritative expert or institution.

to write a soft Wen, the general content of this soft Wen is to teach you how to care, prevent and treatment of hypoglycemia, also want to harm a variety of treatment or health care benefits all written on.

then told them it, actually drink honey is relatively ideal. Because drugs have side effects, natural honey is not. Finally, it is not the way to insert your product advertising. Part of the consumer will naturally seek advice from you to buy.

write soft Wen, you have to analyze your customer base in what place, and then put in place advertising or publicity.

remember, there are two kinds of promotion, one is directly to your product advertising, one is to your targeted customer base, push the soft. Which effect is better. What do you think,


does not take the unusual way, do not follow the routine play. This is my personality. And I welcome the exchange: QQ 38736531 this few days too many people.

I’m going to get a QQ group, no irrigation and advertising. Then a topic every day, we discuss together. Promote the knowledge of marketing.

what are you going to write tomorrow? I haven’t thought about it. What’s your opinion? Or what would you like to know?.


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