How to plan email marketing in the new year


element at the beginning, Everything looks fresh and gay., dear friends, gone on to 2017, well, there are more than and 300 days in 2018, recalled on a new year’s Eve, as if just yesterday, U-Mail Xiaobian want to wish you a happy new year ahead: 2018 to 2017! Of course, more prosperous happy year the cause of prosperity! In the new year, you must have a lot of planning, Xiao Bian also received a lot of incoming letter consultation, said that in the information explosion, the platform rich time, do not know to choose what kind of marketing way is more effective.

Xiao Bian believes that relying solely on a marketing success of the era, in order to achieve the best marketing effect, is the integrated use of a variety of means; in addition, it is not what kind of marketing will be the most advanced best, each has its advantages and disadvantages, and the key is how marketers of course, the first choice, learn from each other; is constructed on the basis of marketing staff fully understand their product / service, very clear on their own to achieve marketing goals, to choose a good platform and tools, the so-called "enemy awareness" is this call.

New Year’s day in 2017, a once famous print "Oriental Morning Post" and "JINGWAH times" declared cease print means an overall decline, so the marketing personnel to identify trends, will mainly focus and funding of Internet marketing such as web advertising, search engine optimization, video advertising, social media marketing, email marketing. At the same time, we must grasp the individual consumption, niche consumer trend, so that more accurate and more personalized marketing has more active. Passive, and many methods of marketing behavior, it is difficult to retain the indirect user data compared with the data of email marketing distinctive features and user behavior tracking research, sad user data can be used for mining (especially useful in the era of big data), emphasizes the initiative and interactive experience can calculate the conversion rate, so the small series suggest that entrepreneurs should strengthen the application e-mail marketing in the new year.

in the specific implementation process, it may wish to torture yourself several questions:

what are my goals?

I do EDM, is used to promote goods / services? Or build company brand image promotion? Is used to maintain customer relationship, and develop new customers? Is the perfect customer service chain link to provide a better experience? Is a continuous information service or seasonal holidays or promotion? In short, different target determines our marketing strategy, I hope every marketing personnel can be in the new year, and good use in the steel blade, in different stages of enterprise management, business development in different periods, choose the right platform combined with, to achieve the maximum effect.

two, what data do I need to focus on?

pay attention to what? U-Mail Xiao Bian believes that in order to succeed, marketers should first establish a true and effective mailing list database, which comes from the company’s Web site registration, offline Industry >

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