The use of Alipay screenshot shop seller fraud was sentenced to 10 months

with the rapid development of the Internet industry, e-commerce model matures, more and more people are accustomed to online shopping, online agents, etc.. According to statistics, Xiamen has only more than 10 thousand people in the online shop, 361 thousand people through the network shopping, the annual trading volume of 100 million yuan. At the same time, the use of the network platform to deceive the growing number of lawless elements, but this was the protagonist, from the common buyers into a rare seller.

in this case, buyers Zhu et al drill Alipay "loopholes", the use of online shopping payment special, with new open shop sellers are not familiar with the trading procedures, the use of "Alipay screenshot" novice seller fraud. Justice has long Zhu last week was sentenced to 10 months and fined 2000 yuan.

to both buyers and sellers in the payment of part of the transaction security, launched the "Alipay" payment delivery. Alipay is the intermediary for buyers and sellers of payment transactions. When buyers selected commodities, through online banking interface Taobao payment, payment by temporary custody of alipay. Such as the buyer received the goods, and expressed satisfaction, then Alipay click "confirm payment", finally put the money into the seller’s online banking account.

after repeated research and try to figure out, Zhu et al designed a "Alipay" scam.

use screenshot three times cheated 7500 yuan

Zhu, specialized in Taobao online to find new open shop sellers as the object, they lied to buy telephone recharge cards, game currency, speak good price, pretend payment in alipay. In fact, they are from chat window will be Alipay’s "buyer payment" pattern of interception down, then paste the pattern covered in waiting for payment pattern, caused by the payment of illusion, let them mistakenly think they really have to pay. Next, they urged the other ship, not what the experience of the novice seller for gospel truth, Mobile Recharge Card card number and password to Zhu et al…… The other one shipped over, crooks on the success of fraud.

in early 2007, Zhu began to cheat, and the replacement of many places, many people were hired by fraud, and dedicated to the creation of Taobao shop for stolen goods, three times before and after the fraud, fraudulently obtained a total of 7500 yuan.

sellers deceived reported to the Xiamen police network

victim seller Li Xiaobing said that in August 19, 2008, he sold to the buyer in the Taobao labor discipline section of the phone recharge card. Discipline of labor and telephone contact with him, saying that you want to buy a telecommunications recharge card 500 yuan, and false payment on Taobao’s payment platform, and then told Li Xiaobing. At the same time, Li Xiaobing received a seemingly Taobao sent to receive the money, the requirements of the delivery of mail. Subsequently, the labor discipline section requires him to recharge the phone recharge recharge to the specified number, a total of 500 yuan. When Li Xiaobing told the other successful recharge, then screenshots to labor discipline section to see and ask for payment. But when he inquires the payment record, it is issued

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