On the user psychology of social media marketing

now has a lot of electronic business platform will use micro-blog WeChat and other social media platform for marketing. Their media platform to promote the enterprise, product and brand in the society, hope that through this platform to help the public understand and support brand marketing, and social media platform is a number of users to participate in the platform, the platform will form a virtual network, so the network interpersonal relationship these people should pay more attention to the user psychology, can we make better use of the social media platform for marketing.

first, the user has to follow the herd mentality. When we see a message or a commodity information on the Internet, once interested may wish to buy, but because of the uncertainty of business platform and goods, the goods will direct look at the comments, which most in the Taobao platform for shopping goods users will. See comments directly with commodity. That is to say, when the media platform of electronic business platform for marketing in the society, if there are more people to concern and comment on the goods are more likely to win other users of the commodity identity, it is easier to achieve marketing purposes.

secondly, the well-known or authoritative comments can make the user feel comfortable and make a quick choice. More well-known social media platforms tend to have a lot of celebrities and celebrities to join, in addition to this platform is also a celebrity in marketing their own. In the social media, well-known or authoritative comments on the goods or electricity supplier platform is often able to let users quickly let go of the purchase.

third, the limited and scarce products allow users to look forward to the psychological. This is what we often referred to hunger marketing, millet and many businesses are in the hunger marketing, social media products, limited opportunities scarce and other related marketing strategies are more likely to let the user of the product platform and promotion information of interest, once these products will be considered if the mental state don’t buy the next time the more difficult to get timely.

fourth, the user’s trust in platform friends. Social media platforms often have a lot of fans and friends of the interactive platform, many platforms users often in the QQ group and micro-blog group, WeChat group to discuss share shopping information, this time, if we can make the platform fans active attention and share and forward and consumer related information and other friends in the platform more likely to have a sense of trust, because it is on a platform in a group, often are like-minded friends, will greatly enhance the sense of trust.

fifth: the user is easy to get a sense of regret because of the small cheap shopping obligations. Believe everyone is easy to understand, when we are in the online or offline store, probably because in festivals or promotional activities, access to business free products, even the free market price is not too low, so when the mind is easy to think if people feel guilty, are free to send such a value of the gifts, not to buy.

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