The first commandment do not attempt to start reaping

Abstract: for nothing, actually give up, deep down is not confident. It will slowly degenerate survival Tuotuo a parasite image in the laissez faire field shrinking collapse.


is actually something for nothing, give up, inside is not confident. It will slowly degenerate survival Tuotuo a parasite image in the laissez faire field shrinking collapse.

these days, a few friends in the business together to talk about a happy life, a friend said for a long time, they are always in the fantasy, if one day suddenly had ten million, how good!

and a friend said that if someone in the downtown area to send a suite to their own good.

and a friend of fantasy, hope one day encounter beautiful heroine, and then hand into the marriage hall.

my heart a tight Rin, actually do poineering work the first ring, is never free.

All to


for business

entrepreneurs, they do not want to work and occupy the work of others, or less labor and possession of more labor results.

1, known as the cost of the province actually greedy cheap

The first performance of

is cheap for nothing.

1) a friend of the early start, one of the most profound memories in order, ninety percent of the production is completed, the last a little bit, because the material supply is a problem, time under tension, with the relative time point. Unfortunately, the other side was sampling sampling, resulting in cancellation of all orders. Not only lost a lot of money, but also lost a big customer.

2) another friend in the early start, run around here and there, in order to save money, but also want to employees welfare. Be prepared to give employees a mountain bike. A Jingdong Amazon, found that the cheapest to Bajiubaiduo. Then I saw in a second-hand sale of new network, not to Wubaiduoyi car. The other side marked factory direct sales, internal processing, ten years of great feedback, super big discount. After communication, more than ten cars, and then to play the forty percent off.

what material, buy back, just a week, basically scrapped nine. The first is the internal and external fetal all different degrees of burst. Later, the steering wheel shaft relaxed, there is an employee survey on the road almost also had a car accident. Of course, the other party is immediately disappeared, rights cost too much, can only buy a lesson.

3) there is an entrepreneurial team, had been selected in Haidian office. Later a founder in the North six ring there was once a leading incubator, the other readily agreed to provide free half of the station, under the invitation on the past.

half a year after the team began to regret, they are a children’s cultural projects in Haidian, how much gas contacts >

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