Net loan investors should pay attention to the details of the platform!

as the saying goes, the details determine success or failure, net loan investors concerned about the platform as well as the benefits of the security system at the same time, some small details of the platform should not be ignored. Not only reflects the small details of the platform can bring investors financial experience, more importantly, it is likely to reflect the degree of reliability of a platform. A platform to pay attention to detail is a platform of sincerity, and a detail oriented investors are also able to maximize the risk averse investors. The Institute of lazy lazy rich net loan investors in the choice of platform should pay attention to the details of a small sum, hope that investors can refer to one or two.


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details of the platform to pay the capital to reflect the platform’s basic strength

generally, investors are more aware of the registered capital of the platform. Registered capital is also known as the statutory capital, the company’s articles of association stipulated by all shareholders or promoters subscribed capital contributions or subscribed capital, and the company registration authority in accordance with the law. A platform with a registered capital of how to attract investors, but the registered capital actually does not reflect any problems, and even can be said to a claim that the registered capital of one hundred million yuan, how many gold investors can not do that. The paid in capital is different, the paid in capital, also known as paid in capital, refers to the actual amount of capital invested by the company when the company was founded. It is the reality of the company owned capital, is real, so investors can be based on the platform of the company’s paid in capital to determine the platform’s basic financial strength. Of course, this is not to say that the more the capital paid in the platform, the overall strength is stronger, but at least when the risk of the platform appears to pay the capital is at least an effective constraint.

details of the two, the third party payment, the depository of the third party, the third party to distinguish

net loan funds from the essence of the meaning of the third party payment is equivalent to the third party depository, so here only talk about the difference between the third party depository and the hosting of the third party. The third party depository generally refers to the P2P platform or the platform related trading capital reserves, gold on the risk such as a bank or third party payment companies and other three party accounts, third party is only responsible for the custody and depository of funds business, the third party does not need to assume the obligations of supervision of capital flows P2P, the platform can withdraw funds from third parties. Third party custody containing entrusted management means, its original meaning refers to investors and borrowers in the third party accounts, third party in accordance with the instructions to do the transfer of funds, in addition to ensure the normal circulation of funds, the source and destination of funds also need supervision. The entire process investors can see the flow of their own state of funds, P2P platform can not contact the loan funds, funds can be achieved with the platform of physical isolation. Specific fund flow shows:

third party payment or third party depository:



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