From the gem to think of the stock market positioning

recently gem is a fire, is the gem prices make many people become rich, two is the gem related to a lot of big stars, money and star of all things meet certain topic, of course, today I’m not speaking this, but want to talk about how to locate the stock class website, I generally summarized as follows.

, 1 segments of the stock site: such as now more fire gem, if you are planning this ahead of time, now you should also earn a lot, and the stock book site, stock software download site, stock index formula and so on site station. This site positioning clear, easy to retain users, it is suitable for small and medium-sized webmaster.

2, a typical B2C site: the sale of stock books, stock software, such sites have their own resources and channels. Can be used in the form of the mall to build. Many people through Taobao to achieve. As a single independent brand, it is recommended to have their own site for sale.

3, stock information site: this kind of the site’s motives are pure, mainly used in the stock exchange of information such as stock forum, located in the market exchange, stock review, the flow of funds, this kind of site maintenance is simple, strong and cohesive, so strongly recommend to everyone from this direction positioning. At the same time operations, integrated into the community to accumulate users. I believe a certain amount of time, will be fruitful.

4, the highest level of play: looking for a number of securities analyst cooperation, engage in financial services, web site to help expand business. This game is more technical content, professional strong. Of course, the fastest money. Suitable for working experience and background.

5, simulated stocks: the development of a set of web version and client both simulation of stock software, supplemented by the form of community, the development of users, from free to charge. This requires a certain team to operate planning. Personal words, make up more laborious.

the above several play basically summed up several positioning stock website now, if you have a team based, it is recommended to do some websites, summarized above, the flow of complementary promotion, of course, the premise is to make a. Well, so much to write, and I hope to have a friend who want to do the stock website.


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