Talk about website promotion from the user experience

outside the chain, the chain in the SEO optimization ranking plays a role in proportion, this is a problem that bothers me for a long time, the corresponding is also more concerned about the topic of other webmaster.

from the user experience point of view:

in fact, the user is not concerned about the chain, but your article readability, quality, media authority, etc., followed by concern about your internal links, related articles to expand, guide reading and other reasonable.

But for the majority of

SEOER, the chain at any time are not negligible, we analysis that today, outside the chain, the chain in our website promotion when how should do.

Yang Yang has been that the site is a happy thing, we write the website associated with the theme of the article, to provide our users with the response information, we transfer knowledge, ideas, is a very noble and meaningful, but look at our webmaster. What are


plagiarism, pseudo original, desperately mass forum and blog, trying to do the chain, the fun of the site is not reflected in the building, the machine can not be re machinery.

in fact, the chain is not so important

believe that the webmaster has a understanding, whether you are in the Google, or Baidu, or sougou to search keywords, in front of almost all agree that Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia, SEO is very unique. Does he have a lot of reverse link? Not much, we look at seowhy, in fact, he updated the article is not much, but he is very good keywords ranking, which is why?


1, website localization is very good, like "know this kind of system", are very targeted, and generally are examples of answer, can directly solve the problem of users, for users, have a certain authority and credibility, the user experience is very good; the encyclopedia is better. The entry is very complete, very accurate terms, you may ask the seowhy? You see him the first page of the article information, are classic, not a word, but also a lot of a word. So I think the ranking of the site is good or bad, the most important factor, or is your website information quality optimization.

2, once the site of quality improvement, many websites will be reproduced, even if he does not leave your links, but if it is a large range of text text reproduced, its weight is to give you the name of the website, for this, have seemingly on the Internet so to mention, but I want to be sure is this.

3, we note that Wikipedia, seowhy is the site of knowledge dissemination, they master the relatively high weight, high weight in the master station under the condition of some sub pages of inheritance, it is also very important.

‘s website:

1, mentality:

my dear webmaster

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