Marketing tactics — on bundling sale

recently released a film called "no" movies don’t know that you have to look at, I want to write this article because the movie lines gave me the inspiration: "bundling" believe that marketing is the right of the word are not unfamiliar, even very familiar this marketing technique, Xiao Bian did not dare to say very familiar with such marketing practices, simple to talk about it or can


what is bundling sale?

bundling is a form of symbiotic marketing, refers to two or more than two brands or companies to cooperate in the promotion process, in order to expand their influence, as a new marketing method, cross industry and cross brand, has been more and more enterprises attention and use.

bundled sales mainly in the following forms:

preferential purchase, consumers buy a product, you can use the market than the price to buy B products;

uniform price for sale, product a and product B is not a separate price, in accordance with the unified price of the bundle after the sale;

uniform packaging for sale, product a and product B in the same packaging for sale

life in the most common bundle sales of products

1 drunk areca believe that a lot of people in Hunan know, Xiao Bian is Hunan people, love to eat areca, so it is very understanding. Xiao Bian to eat a lot of areca [to eat the areca brand, not to say one thing, anyway, the most impressive is the five son drunk, now the most favorite

is five. Five was recently drunk drunk with such a set of marketing practices; two 5 yuan with five drunk bags can be exchanged for a bottle of Wahaha Purified water. In three five yuan with five drunk bags can be exchanged for a bottle of "jiaduobao: Wong Lo kat. This technique can be said to be

bundled sales of the most typical example, but also the closest example of small life.

2 do not know if you have not noticed, we open the telecom online business hall, you can see a lot of mobile phones to send calls to buy activities. It can be said that the use of telecommunications bundling sales to the extreme. We often go to a certain cell phone store to buy a mobile phone, but also often buy mobile phone calls to send the event, in fact, bundled sales everywhere.

– 3 is approaching, because to engage in activities, so being forced to wife slip ring Appollo commercial plaza. Activity is full 268 to send 268 vouchers, we bought four sets of bedding in the more popular spent more than 2 thousand and 800, so send 11 vouchers, and then use these 11 vouchers to buy two pieces of clothing brand, after returning home Xiaobian carefully calculated, feel very cost-effective, the money spent. Very happy. This marketing approach is also one of the most common bundle sales.

what are the benefits of bundling


1 bundle sales can reduce the cost of sales. Improve the efficiency of marketing through learning exchange

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