Student how to use Baidu to promote website

here, on the development model of IT College Station, to share with you, how to rely on Baidu to promote some of the experience of the site.

IT stood at present search engines such as Baidu included normal, the PR value of 3, all good development, still miss just created, is how to develop.

remember when it was founded, Baidu is almost a few days (less than 5 days) on the collection of the site, is to make full use of the resources of Baidu.

is well known, today’s Baidu search, more and more like Baidu search. It is obvious that an example, Baidu search under the Xiao Shenyang keyword, Baidu ranked first in the video, Baidu encyclopedia ranked third, Baidu Post Bar ranked fifth, are in a very favorable position. In addition, more keyword search, Baidu know, Baidu space, will occupy a lot of weight components. After all, these are Baidu’s own products. Why don’t we use them when we complain about Baidu’s monopolistic behavior?. Do webmaster, in diligently update the website promotion website at the same time, to learn some opportunistic.

how to use Baidu know promotion website:

IT College Station as an example. IT College Station content, more computer knowledge and technology. This type of site, it is very suitable for Baidu know promotion, the reason is that Baidu know enough to ask questions in the computer, you have enough opportunities to use the site to answer the user’s questions.


website is content is kingcraft forever. Web site content, and answer the question Baidu know, it will be easy. In Baidu know to promote a benefit is that the user Baidu search related keywords, often know that Baidu will be in a favorable position in front, and you answered the question into the Baidu know. Here to answer the question of Baidu know the skills. Because if it is a pure answer to the problem, so there is no advantage to the site, if the site is simply paste the address, it is easy to determine the for cheating, the site to K on the dangerous.

in answer to the question, may wish to take a serious attitude to the content of the site to answer the questions of the user, and then Baidu know where the reference material to fill in the source of your answer. Another method is that if enough long enough to answer the answer, can probably write the answers in the final with a similar word "due to limited space, more details refer to what what (you)".

Baidu know the benefits of promotion is, first, can bring traffic, and the site user group; two, can attract spiders, bring included; the three, can quickly increase the number of sites outside the chain.

recommended index, five stars.

how to use Baidu space promotion website:

has used a Baidu space to do a blog, is a very pure blog, no advertising component that. Independent blog system

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