How to increase the chain of alternative methods

now, a lot of method to increase the site outside the chain, some new methods have emerged in the QQ group,. Mail. Bookmark to promote increase connection method is a kind of old network promotion method. However, this is the promotion method, do a good job can also bring you less than the desired effect, the author is using this method has made a lot of high-quality connections. As the saying goes: good things to share with everyone, a good way for everyone to learn together, so I want to use the above method is how to get out of the connection to communicate with everyone to share.

a. How to use QQ group

according to the need to promote their products, find the corresponding QQ group is for you. The website itself of users, and then to add some users crowd QQ group, such as you are or mall site navigation classes, you can go directly to the QQ group search site navigation ", or" site navigation guide "group in fact, the group has a lot of industry segments. For example, computers, digital, television, clothing, cosmetics and other segments. We can according to their own product characteristics, the industry, the selection of active high, the number of people, it is best to select super group, senior group. Apply for. Then to promote.

two. How to use mail

use pop-up advantages QQ mail can choose sending QQ mail, as for how to search the mass, mass is the most important content, if the content of people is a look at advertising, I think everyone will be deleted, I suggest if you send bulk mail pictures station must take the mail content well, do some original desktop pictures or other works, make your content useful for others, and this information is not garbage, I think most people will choose to go to look at the contents of course, we must ensure that the quality of this is also one of the reasons can not attract others to your site.

three, how to use bookmarks

use QQ bookmarks, everywhere to collect the temptation of the title, click on the highest rate of the kind, go to a variety of large sites to click on the list, for example,

The title

collected, is sent to QQ bookmarks, a write address link to our site, but our website is not the article and the address, then we will do a 404 error page, we all know that 404 error page is, when to visit the website page does not exist when will the 404 error page, we can profit in the terminal 404 on top, or jump to the code in 404 above, we jump to the temptation of the page.

well, the above is my other class to increase the connection method. Leave a connection:, thank you.

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