How do small business network promotion service

latest CNNIC data show that as of December 31, 2009, the number of Chinese Internet users has reached 384 million. 42% of consumers have their own blog or personal space; 73% of consumers in the online exchange of views; 61.7% of Internet users before the purchase to the network community seeking recommendations and suggestions; 76% of Internet users will understand online word-of-mouth as the most reliable source of information products and services. With the rapid development of the network information era, it contains unprecedented market space and development opportunities.

Internet users in the BBS, blog, instant chat program on the dialogue, at any time affect people’s perception of corporate brands and products, closely related to the company’s profit and loss.

in the network information is more and more big today, the enterprise how to action, in order to get the brand and profits of a win-win situation?

The online discussion and view

network diagnosis and detection, detection and recognition of consumers on brand, products and services, combined with the analysis of brand competition, make public opinion analysis report on all of the enterprise network communication behavior. According to the results of the network diagnosis, the corresponding network marketing communication strategy.

– the popularity and reputation of the integration of suitable tools for customers to create a comprehensive communication network integrated marketing communication

network, make the brand and product information network dissemination value maximization.

1) search engine marketing: the use of the search habits of target customers, the customer wants to spread the information into the target customer to find the answer. At present, there are two types of search engine advertising bidding ranking and natural search results.

2) network event marketing: hot topic is the focus of Internet users, the topic of planning to stimulate public opinion, the formation of group effect, expand brand awareness and influence.

3) forum marketing: Forum is a place to gather accurate customers, the use of the forum to master the right to speak, is the most effective corporate propaganda positions.

4) blog / micro-blog marketing: blog / micro-blog marketing is the use of blog / micro-blog this kind of network application form to publish and update the company, the company or individual’s profile and information.

5) SNS community marketing: the use of happy Renren Renren community such as the development of user resources, marketing.

6) Q & a marketing: the use of network tools (such as Baidu know, Baidu Encyclopedia) for sales and information release.

7) network activity: we develop network activity strategy through the study group characteristics, planning and implementation of the whole hot topic propagation implementation and management, help enterprises to form a positive interaction with the target customers, enhance brand image, enhance loyalty. Including the network investigation activity, the network appraisal activity, the network game activity, the network public welfare activity, the network promotion and the group purchase activity, the network collection activity.


8) regular release of network news: take full advantage of sina, Sohu, new

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