To entrepreneurs how to avoid becoming the next Wang Shi

the next Wang Shi, was the dream of countless entrepreneurs. Now, Mr. Wang is the thrill and reflection of the teaching materials.

a year from the altar Braised pork in brown sauce, let Wang Shi back to earth. We respect every piece of real emotion, whether it is touching love, or the resources consumption. No matter how he talked about the crowd, and miss Tian’s story, in fact has nothing to do with Wang Shi as the fate of 170000.

Wang Shi and Vanke management tragedy, in fact, is the result of the collision of the wheel of history and the future market. Capital intensive buyout era seems to come, entrepreneurs must begin to study a subject, in the capital campaign where.

Wang Shi was not the first to be expelled from the founder of


battle, may have conquered Mount Everest Wang Shi both mentally and physically exhausted. But on rehabilitation, Wang Shi will find is not the first to be expelled from the founder of capital.

now in Suning’s tepid electricity supplier maternal red child, is a typical example. Originally claimed to be listed in the 2011 red child, in September 2012 to suning. At that time, the four founders of the red child basically out, the actual control of the company in the hands of the hands of the three VC.

specific cleanup process is now unknown. According to previously published reports, from November 2005 onwards, the northern lights, NEA and KPCB has become the red children’s investment. With Zhou Zhixiong in 2008 to leave the creation of KPCB triumph venture, the red child’s investment side changed to Aurora, NEA and triumph venture capital, the cumulative estimated total of three institutions invested more than $120 million.

and Vanke’s situation is similar to the three VC after several additional investment, the majority of the majority of the red child master.

followed by the four founders have left. Guo Tao was the first to go, then Li Yang was expelled from the red child. Yang Tao’s way of leaving a little decent, known as the "long vacation". Only in the VC circle of Xu Peixin left the final four resourceful, but also by the outside world that has faded out of the actual management.

red child was taken over by the case of VC, a start-up company is concerned, the severity of today’s vanke.

Xu Peixin out, then took over the internal management of the COO founder Deng Feng recommended Chen Shuang from the northern lights. Before the vice president Liao Weiguo is responsible for the investment manager of the aurora borealis, vice president of Finance Li Qi from the triumph of venture capital. In fact, most of the management positions of the successor, are from the investor related.

this is a totally change the result now is already showing. Founded in 2004, was to log in the capital market has been red children, later researchers beyond, even hard to find in the news and public.

entrepreneurs how to prevent buyout

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