How to use the ability of observation and analysis to do marketing

forum marketing do? Where to start? Should start from the observation, such as observation please read the "learning network marketing where to start, start from the observation" when you read this article, we can continue the following topic

    forum marketing we want to observe who do a good

before we do marketing forum, we have to do a good job through observation and analysis of the success of the case, and then we analyze it, sum up him, and then practice it, this is the key to our success.

through my bubble forum for so many years of experience, to say that the most successful marketing forum, it should be three or eight segments, which is a forum for the management of the forum Tianya marketing expert. His special success in marketing. Through all of my posts, as well as footprint analysis summary, he has the following characteristics

1, did not start to pay attention to anyone before the pinch forum celebrity

no man is perfect, of course, some celebrities are pure fitted out, then 38 MR have not known before, before the celebrity is moderator Zheng Wenbin, Yu Shiwei Ann father-in-law, are some celebrities. At the time of posting these celebrities will certainly have some unreasonable places, Mr 38 hard pinch ah, shoot them to death. All joking words, cause the group to attack these celebrity fans, of course, is a man of 38 at the end of the true skill and genuine knowledge, a pinch among win, won a lot of fans of


in the process of this hard pinch, attracted a lot of eyeballs. And then reveal their own views, beat each other finally attracted a lot of fans of


2, open post sermon

attracted a lot of eyeballs, and Mr. 38 posted a sermon about how to earn ten million of the topic from a higher level. The location is very good, it was in front of the tube, have their own business, to be entrepreneurial young are small dreams to earn enough ten million? This title is particularly attractive. The content is more attractive, and then posted twenty-four hours a day hanging in front of the first position, people do not sleep, in this post inside chat!

3, forum marketing must provide their own unique value


38 is not a Mr guaicai, not deep internal strength is done, in front of the white pull, did not arouse any people’s attention, simply can not form the tube before the brand, simply can not be their own brand. So this is the most important, if you want to do marketing forum, you must provide a unique value. So that everyone can benefit from the content you provide, and willing to interact with you.

4, post is a persistent, long-lasting

so when we design our own content, we must take this into consideration, must be persistent, long cycle, only long enough to attract more attention, but also to attract more people to become your fans. Be your audience.


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