Green forest a way to promote site navigation station

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good 123 site operation success, until now, a lot of Web site, such as a spring up. With the proliferation of Web site navigation, more and more competitors, how in such a fierce competition to have their own piece of heaven, stand up and not fall, the price paid is immeasurable.

a website, how can stand, the most important is the user. If you make your site get good, but no one knows, it is a white, nothing. Nothing. So. How to let more people know your site, promotion is very important.

now, the site navigation station, how to promote, is an old topic of growth. How to rely on a simple web page, the same function in many competitors stand out?. So is my friendship 123. In fact, at present can do the success of the 123 series of home site navigation station is not much, my site in the site of the home station I a space for one person is very satisfied. Well, not to say nonsense, I put my way to promote the navigation station to say. For your reference:

1, the domain name for their own site to take a good domain name, more important than anything. Because a good domain name, can let visitors is easy to remember, the more the amount of visit. My friendship 123 I feel good.

2, after the completion of the content site, the content of the site is very important to update. Especially search engines and Baidu. Content update to have a certain law, so easy to let Baidu search and included.

3, the speed for each site administrator, the speed of the site is even more important than the content. Even if the content of the site is very good, but the visit is slow, I believe that not many people will patiently wait. So, be sure to open the site speed.

4, go to the forum to post to some of the large forum, a famous forum multi post post, such as the laggards Admin5 forum, if you go to send the flow must be great.

5, find some similar 123 web site home web site more Links, improve the PR value of GG, Baidu snapshots and included.

6 the promotion of soft Wen promotion has been considered a more effective method, a good soft Wen can bring to your site navigation thousands of traffic, of course, when you release the soft must be targeted, that is to be published to the traffic flow demand and intensive place, such as Baidu, A5 Post Bar disorderly altar, some video sites, I had to write an article on the A5, he got a lot of traffic.

above is my promotion of my friendship 123 URL method, if there is a better way, please also write to share. Everyone please keep the original author

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