How to play the new media media matrix from three dimensions to analyze the mainstream media platfor

Author: Orange (public number: weixorz): product operation preference data analysis, welcomed the guidance of different opinions.


the first batch of people from the media settled in the Sina platform, with the development of WeChat has settled over, in addition to today’s headlines and Sohu and a little bit of information from the media platforms have been settled. Although the original is worthy of promotion and protection, but also has the value of IT industry in the development process of WeChat large reprint, in the birth of a number of porters, they will be two times the original generate their own content in watermelon or assistant or directly reproduced or, also can form their own brand. In fact, different user attributes of each platform, so it is worth trying, after the platform assigned to guide each other, let their fans more and more, enhance their own influence, these are new media operations in multi platform benefits.

orange not accepted this view "in any self media platforms since the media is a good thing, each platform has its own cultural background, you must comply with the positioning of user attributes on the platform, in addition to the above calculation in time and cost of investment, otherwise not try, you may do a lot of a platform is really let you get the spread, but you also spent time and energy in it, may be a platform which can maintain seriously but get better effect, this orange since the media platform for following the mainstream, with the dimensions of pattern analysis, welcome.

dimension one: platform introduction and analysis of recommendation algorithm

sometimes seriously maintain the effectiveness of a platform is better than the maintenance of multiple platforms, the following analysis of several major platforms provided above.

WeChat: 1 monthly active users in the million or more, the platform itself is a big traffic pattern is more, it is recommended by WeChat users forwarded circle of friends, of course there are new friends hot Wen, a new list before wrote an article "how to make deep analysis of your article on the" circle of friends the heat ", after reading this article is enough"

2: Penguin media platform after the probation period will be recommended, the number of fans is not very important, it’s recommended mode can bring a lot of reading, but the fans into effect is relatively poor, for the exposure and enhance there are great benefits of

3.qq subscription number: mainly on the phone and QQ above the binding, the contact surface will be able to see the option of public numbers, there is the entrance to guide the user to search the top, there is no special recommendation algorithm. A bit like WeChat rely on their own platform traffic, mainly the keyword optimization is more important, has an influential public number is very suitable to do.

4.qq: public space can be personal QQ space upgrade into a number of public space recently, after the upgrade will push users browse friends dynamic, lead users attention, users concerned will regularly see the number of public information.

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