Airbnb confirmed financing $1 billion 500 million valuation of $25 billion ranked third

[Abstract]]Airbnb has raised its business objectives and plans to achieve revenue of $900 million this year.


Tencent science and technology news on June, the Wall Street journal and other media have disclosed that the housing rental company Airbnb is financing $1 billion 500 million. In December 7th, Airbnb filed documents confirmed the financing, and said the company’s valuation has reached $25 billion.

, according to the U.S. science and technology news website VentureBeat reported on Monday, Airbnb for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to submit regulatory documents, reports on financing. According to earlier media reports, this round of financing of the participating institutions including the United States "Atlantic Company", the Chinese Hillhouse capital, tiger global fund. The shareholding ratio of each institution is still unknown.

more than $25 billion valuation, but also makes Airbnb become the world listed technology company valuation ranked third, behind the $62 billion 500 million for Uber, and China mobile phone manufacturer millet $45 billion.

, according to Bloomberg later reported that Airbnb has also introduced other Chinese Vc firm, including China’s broadband capital and Sequoia China company.

this $1 billion 500 million huge sums of money, for what purpose is not yet known. But to be sure, Airbnb will come up with some of the money for the expansion of the Chinese market.

three quarter, Airbnb officially announced that it will enter the Chinese market. The company executives told the press that over the past year and a half, Airbnb has been quietly learning the local culture, the study of the local market, and now, the company will be a large-scale development of China’s housing short rental market.

statistics show that Airbnb short rental business in China is rapidly rising, Airbnb need to invest more manpower and resources in the Chinese market. In addition, the United States, a shared economy, Uber company in China’s large-scale expansion, but also to bring inspiration to Airbnb.

said that in addition to the introduction of Chinese local capital, will also look for local talent as chief executive officer and other duties.

last month, Airbnb held a developer conference, put forward a number of product and business development plans, the company is expected to use some of the funds will be used to improve their products and services.

is reported that so far, Airbnb has accumulated a $2 billion 400 million venture capital.

is reported that, due to the development of the business better than expected, Airbnb has increased its business objectives, plans to achieve revenue of $900 million this year.

and Uber use idle private car resources similar to rely on Airbnb’s mobile phone software, the general public can