On the nternet borrowing marketing

not long ago, I believe we will be in the WeChat and micro-blog circle of friends to see "another Earth" was found related words, WeChat and micro-blog and many public number to imitate, to launch a variety of related marketing copy, a look at the title feel very mysterious, the result is no point in content or related only mentioned in the first paragraph of the article, the other parts are not to the point of content. Some people may even want to cancel the attention of these public numbers and the impulse of micro-blog accounts, some people see this is actually a business and individuals in the do things marketing". The so-called "borrow marketing" refers to popular events using the current news to attract the user’s eyes, the marketing content into them on their own, although the enterprises and individuals to borrow things marketing "will have many obvious effects, such as traffic soared or make people feel creative, a time to attract a lot of users the eye at the same time, there are many advantages.

First of all,

enterprises to borrow things marketing cost is relatively low. This is very easy to understand, NASA found " another earth " this is an attractive mysterious event, a lot of marketing and operations staff will immediately produce a copy, and then allow the designer to design up to the circle of friends and on micro-blog to release this to a certain extent, enterprises can not spend too much advertising costs can also be relatively easy to attract a lot of traffic.

secondly, the things that can be brought to the enterprise and the product has a certain sense of presence. Many companies and products often do not have a good performance, there are a lot of reasons because the product itself is indeed selling points, need to have a little something to drive. So "take things marketing" can give the products and enterprises to bring some sense of presence, at least by the current hot events can be released in the circle of friends and users to brush out the point of presence, let users feel that our products and enterprises are alive with this drive than without selling products lying in there is a lot better.

In addition to

, borrow things marketing can bring a sense of presence to employees within the enterprise. Now, although there are many Internet startups, but many of them are often unrealistic or no clear business model, the company’s operations staff and PR staff are in the head trying to tear, but what is often not obvious effect, and there to boring, or use the current event hot said, this will feel a higher level of leadership and do so in marketing things, the product is not so vital, as to how the effect is not good, comment, but at least let staff have a certain sense of presence, that are doing so little marketing things.

, however, the enterprise to borrow things marketing will also bring some potential problems, and this problem will continue to promote the development of enterprises to further show. Mainly in the following areas.

first, the enterprise to "borrow things marketing" will gradually lose the reader led to the enterprise lost camp >