Emotional integration into the design to enhance the user experience

marketing methods have emotional marketing, the design of the page should also be integrated into the emotion, from the user’s feelings to grasp the user’s psychology. Follow the mouse design the user according to the user’s mood style, sounds very fuzzy, in fact many excellent sites will be the emotion into the design, give a simple example: 404 pages, making vivid, humorous and warm prompt box. In my opinion, this perceptual page design can often make the user feel warm, or humor, which should be related to the theme of your site, a webmaster network should be thinking from the mentality of the webmaster. For example: the tip of the night has been very deep, in order to your body, please stay up late, many webmasters may often stay up late, the author found that 126 mailboxes will be different according to different periods of different content.

NO1: seriously to feel the user’s inner

the Internet for a long time the most is the harm to eyes, and some fiction website is so, long time reading the words on the page of the injured eye, so like those of fiction website may wish to try to think about what kind of colour collocation does not hurt the eyes, there is the font color, font size. General fiction websites have to change the font and size of the button, the reader to adjust the font size and color, for the user’s health consideration, considerate, can win the customers inner joy, in addition to the most novel website and all bookmarks, when you see a chapter, if want to make a bookmark to continue reading the next time, this function can be realized, but some customers need to register as a member can enjoy the convenient function. No matter how the web site operators have the heart to feel the user’s psychological, as far as possible to provide users with a variety of convenient. In the design of the page function, an ordinary user to experience.

NO2: picture or video instead of text

is more vivid and saves time than text, pictures and videos, so users are more likely to accept images and videos. And do not want to look at those large sections of the text, of course, if it is a novel class of sites on the exception of. The text can not be completely replace the pictures and video, just in the design page, some of the best key content with pictures or video express, insert videos or pictures in the text, the text is supplement. Content marketing is a marketing tool, especially for the enterprise station, content needs innovation in the show form, now most of the enterprises have not put the station product marketing to love, show a lot of industry news on the website. In fact, users do not look at these news, see the news directly on the Baidu line, followed by the description of the product is often so that users can not understand, there are too many technical terms.

emotional marketing has many successful cases, with emotion as the breakthrough point, the design of the user like web pages and content, can make the user more easily accept the site. Warm tips, perfect color, these will undoubtedly give you a lot of points on the site, the first time the user to visit this >