Recruitment website promotion strategy

network success can be replicated, so we should regularly go to advertising gathered to see some advertising, for example, go to QQ chat room, to see some of the beauty of the QQ data, you can see some other forms of advertising are currently doing, every day they hang QQ in the chat room, so that every day they have profit, we copy his advertising form and his QQ set of advertisement, we can obtain the same income.

now enter the chat room, often see that some people in the chat room of advertising to sell QQ Adult supplies, hang QQ chat room is a long-term and effective method, but also the fierce competition, a single machine can do in one day is about 1000IP, some people hang, is through the software however, the software is usually valid are very short, not more than a month, and some rely on hiring for his hanging QQ chat room method to obtain the flow, but not easy to manage, probably is not linked to the flow, said a popular chat room to do through the colorful Adult Supplies website promotion skills. Colorful Quanzhou adult supplies mall example: put an ad!)

1 production of a variety of adult supplies advertising page, there are only the most commonly used in the couple supplies, focusing on the description of the unique features of these three, for the combination of the package, basically every family needs to be the same as the.

2 hang their own chat room for testing, testing the income of each IP is how much.

3 package under the general provisions of the purchase of adult products is very high, the average profit per IP in more than 0.2 yuan.

4 recruitment network part, and then tell them the flow method, only recruit girls, not hiring boys, because boys easily put your successful mode to copy go, but the girls love to work, not love entrepreneurship.

5 in accordance with the flow to calculate their wages, everyone gave them an ad page, an independent web site, above the statistical code, in accordance with the above flow to calculate the Commission, each IP to $0.05 commission.

6 is a girl or gens going to work of female friends, the day hanging QQ can income 50 yuan, if the flow rate is too low, we can increase the price of about 0.10 yuan /IP, for example, the way the general a day to income over 100 yuan.


every day, once cheated, it can be detected, because they each have an independent advertising pages, each page advertisements have income and flow ratio, if found the advertisement on page flow is very high, but the income is very low, then stop the relationship.

friends will ask, why not do the bidding colorful Adult Supplies website promotion? The reason is in the category of bidding, the price of not less than 1 yuan, the pioneer chain alliance flow price is 0.05 yuan, but there is false flow >