Marketing people wake up! This is the correct posture of new media marketing

introduction: this title was originally written for micro-blog marketing, this is the last year to write (original title), but one is a year, writing fifth points stopped.


this title was originally written for micro-blog marketing at the time, as you know, this is the last year to write (original title), but one is a year, when I wrote a fifth point stop no writing.

mediocre years so silently passed away, looking back a year ago the words, or even so interesting. Some things will not be changed in time, that is, the heart of the writing.

I now find the sixteen points but not the basic quality of micro-blog marketing needs, but also new media marketing to some basic skills, so just change the name: new media marketing into the ultimate collection, the following is the text.

first statement, Lumou this new media marketing was not Canon Canon, no need to take the knife cut off his penis. Jin Yong is too cruel, practicing martial arts have to cut the chicken, the taste of life and what? The flesh is never what a good way to practice, Jobs is practicing bitter meditation, daily life is very harsh, and finally to his practice did not, untimely death.

so, Lumou this book is far more than the evil sword to cut the chicken into niubable much, it is up to a cut, and this is my real cut million people.

Syria gossip less, well.

, as I said, I’m bragging, micro-blog for me, is not able to play a good problem, it is not a problem. I’m just a little late. The V now comes early, Shumenshulu takes the toilet. I want this late, grab a pit, the difficulties of nature. Not only me, any later, any new media, micro-blog wants to play good people will encounter the same dilemma: new media, micro-blog and pit? The answer is of course, micro-blog has a pit, only to be later.

then, later how to seize the pit, play good micro-blog? Lumou last night in bath, pray, suddenly got an inspiration, and recorded the micro-blog play Joyoung type thirteen, today by micro-blog’s Heroes pointing, soared to three, so the new media, micro-blog marketing Joyoung sixteen it presents a complete type.

naturally, relax a little

to engage in new media marketing should relax. Micro-blog marketing or the essence of new media marketing is actually a word play, get so jumpy, Kutaichoushen look, how can you enjoy the fun of


so, micro-blog marketing to be natural, to relax a little, to let the spirit and the body to stretch out, do not be too deliberate, otherwise it is too artificial. The so-called relaxation, is not loaded force, not selfish, >