Push one a dating site diagnosis example

today in the forum to a student webmaster friends, new. The site is very representative, it should be said that a lot of new owners on behalf of the status quo, now hair up, I hope to give you some reference.

asked: I would like to say that I know little about the knowledge of the site, please push a website diagnosis master must say some of the details. My website: www.dsnnjy.cn/

had a website built after their registered members, and then go to chat rooms and forums for artificial publicity, due to the lack of experience, management is banned in the chat room at the forum, blocked ID and IP sites, few people, even if someone comes, few people spend a long time in the network station the membership of the website, there is no way to communicate between the website, basically no repeat, limited to the level of their own, such as what the keyword search engine what ah, ah, I do not understand, anyway you know too little, want to know more, also really want to do website. Please teacher exhibitions.

: please recommend some website construction and system development and programming books, I’m ready to learn.

answer: a website wants to develop well, the plan of early stage is very important, this plan includes the factor of a lot of respects, specific can refer to "Jiang Likun: the website that teaches you to plan by hand". Combined with your website, mainly on the following three aspects:

1, site positioning is not clear. Single men and women friends, this position is too wide, for personal sites, it is not a big and full of a wise choice. I suggest you start from a point, choose a very familiar with you, can play the field, or a very special area. For example, do a University of your dating network, or regional dating network, starting from your circle of friends. Or do something special, like making friends.

2, website function is too simple. From the web site model, you lack of interaction with the site, the function is too simple. First of all, you are the members of the station information are basically open, you can see the contact. For dating site users, the purpose is to know MM or handsome guy, since you can find contact information, basically on the QQ chat, you do not have anything on the site. Although you have a personal home page of the module, but the block, and now the major sites of the blog, space products have been very mature, almost no one will use your product.

3, profit model is not clear. I believe you do stand in order to make money, but the site itself has not been found out what a good online profit model. Now marry me, Lily network and other sites have begun to vigorously develop the line of business. Of course, for individual stations, basically to achieve profitable alliance advertising, such as GG advertising. But the problem is that this profit model is based on the need to build a high flow. As mentioned in the previous two points, your site is difficult to achieve high flow.

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