Xi’an Cuisines a roadside stall selling steamed bubble sensation in New York, a chain of Empire

Xi’an manufacturer originally only on the streets of New York a roadside stall, selling pearl milk tea and some snacks in Xi’an. In just a few years, it has grown into a chain of seven restaurants, a multimillion dollar and still expanding chain, with many customers queuing up for about more than and 30 minutes to eat it. It can achieve such achievements, on the one hand from its unique taste, on the other hand, it is a unique model of traditional snacks: to maintain the use of pure manual method of food production, and the restaurant into a fast casual mode.


in the United States, it is not uncommon for some special craft snacks to be loved. However, this kind of snack is often difficult to make bigger, because they are usually handmade food, the taste of the high requirements of the delicate, unable to scale production mechanization. If the use of machinery or franchising, it will reduce the user experience, the impact of brand reputation.

Model Innovation: Based on the central kitchen, will be made of pure handmade snack snack mode

Xi’an manufacturer uses a completely different pattern, which in Brook Forest east of Fort Williams set up more than 5 thousand square feet of the central kitchen, there are more than a dozen employees, night shift work, uniform for all shops need to use the production of noodles, sauce and other sauces, which most affect the taste unique, always by the owner himself Handmade (composed of 20 kinds of material and configuration), and distribution to every store. Central kitchen two times a day to deliver products to ensure the normal operation of all stores.

this model not only ensures that the food is still handmade, but also to make it more standardized, uniform taste. What’s more, it also speeds up the cooking and service of the restaurant. So that these handmade snacks can be like KFC fast food business, a substantial increase in traffic and turnover rate.

in the store, Xi’an manufacturer has introduced many characteristics of fast food, let this snack more easily accepted by the public. Restaurant food for all the stores, using a unified low pricing. A hamburger is $3, a bowl of beef noodles as long as $8. At the same time, the restaurant also re translation of the menu, with a more intuitive formulation to replace the difficult Chinese name, such as "spicy and tingly (spicy)" or "cold skin noodles (cold noodle noodles)". Not only that, but also on the restaurant staff standardized training, and upgrade the computer software using real-time revenue control system, the unity of all store services.

marketing: the use of social networks and media marketing

usually, because from the mouth, this kind of unique flavor snacks attention to regional restriction, limited within a certain range. Xi’an cuisines in order to get more attention, in addition to send in each store opening ceremony of free food, the restaurant is still Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites continue to send information, so that the unique flavor of the small.