Do not think that the auction will be able to make money rookie SEMer bidding experience

Hello, I’m a SEOER, has been ranked by SEO removed from the small and medium-sized enterprise, since last year, all SEM ranked SEO ranking let us not survive. SO, 2014 began to enter SEM. After a period of time to operate the bidding, the following is my tender for some superficial understanding of Baidu!

this is for business owners to see: do not think that the auction can make money;

because some businessmen can not afford the benefits of early quality, some business owners to see peers do Baidu promotion, that is sure to make money, but also the relationship with the network marketing. The network too many "experts, God" or we say, in every hour and moment to our business owners: "painted cake" that opened the bidding, could make a feast for the. Then, his fiddle or directly in the third party consultant is managed. But the money burned, but the effect is not seen. In addition to the overwhelming advertising phone, there are very few small customers. So can not stand, why people can make money, but I can not earn. At Baidu


rookie for some of the views of Baidu bidding:

1 do not make money you can make money;

2 do people do not make money on behalf of the auction can also;

3 do bidding need professional bidding technology;

4 do bidding is actually more tired than optimization;

competitive advantage:

1, quick effect: no matter how many keywords, the same day with the results;

2, click free control; you can set the scope of the region or limit the maximum price of the day;

3, the advertising effect is good, more targeted; a lot of the quality of traffic through the auction service is very high;

The only drawback is:

for burn, no money to stop immediately.

I’m going to tell you how I can improve the flow and save the cost.

1, research your competitors;

to do when I found a situation, that is, the industry is basically the first class boss enterprises bidding word is ranked first. This is very helpless, again good technology can match the silly money, promotion expenses boss enterprise a year more than the profits of our company, with him than the money is. So we should avoid his edge, positioning himself in the second, third place. BOSS later found there may be no specialized personnel responsible for the promotion, no one to take care of the background, the idea is that one, looking for a long time are tired, click on the link into the promotion is always home, but boss only keywords the highest flow, the conversion rate is very low, so I summed up their advantages is pay more than you know! The opponent’s weaknesses, so we should do better than him.

2, find out