Red beauty website why sales over 10 billion

is a newly established less than half of the cosmetics shopping website even claimed to sales of billions within two years, the red beauty by what can ~ billions of dollars in sales. Under the analysis of our next to him ~!

Internet retail trend

Electronic Commerce Internet industry rare hot trend, familiar with the Internet industry are very clear, such as: the specific performance in the listed Alibaba, suddenly become the largest Internet company Chinese. There is, the electronic retail website in recent years such as the red child, A new force suddenly rises., electronic retail companies Jingdong store a short time.

experienced marketing experience

is the founder of the red beauty China a famous group company mister level figures, has the rich marketing experience, and previous work and the red beauty of the target population can be fully integrated, based on previous experience.

combination of traditional and Internet industry

The founder of

red beauty is a traditional industry, then can more station consider the company’s development in the commercial point of view, and co-founder, mixed in Internet industry for many years, have some experience in the industry, a good grasp of the development of the Internet and the artery, a combination of traditional and internet. Created the red beauty business model.

plenty of money

red beauty is investing in Shanghai Pudong is a group of managers of investment, capital is very abundant, and then in the success of the pilot, fast investment marketing, make rapid development of red beauty.

The total

, red beauty ( several year sales of over 10 billion is not without hope ~