From TV to the game how to transform the fans in the field of music into players

recently, the famous Xian Xia drama "flower and bone" was formally launched, and the name of the Webpage Game, Mobile Games also have been on the line. But the game’s level, picture and character set and the TV play far, and of course the original novel is almost eight pole could not beat. In recent years, the novel adapted into a TV series, or directly into a game, similar to the case of a few. There are failures, but also success, from TV to the game, the fans in the field of music into the game player. Fans economy is the essence of the re-use of user resources, how can we do this?


fans must have common interests, hobbies

fantasy drama or fiction is more suitable for adaptation into the game, because these fans or the audience’s age similar to the game players, basically can be identified as 80, 90 young people. Playing games, watching the network novel is common in this part of the group, in order to "spend thousands of bones" as an example, many of the novel readers will focus on TV, an indirect TV viewers, and after the adaptation of the game game player. Fan loyalty in the field of music is relatively high, more likely to be converted into loyal users of related products, but the game can attract players, depending on the game experience and business model.

how to promote the same name with the TV game

to promote the flower of the bone, the name of the game, just plug in the TV program advertising game, or with the network video portal cooperation in the video game can be implanted ad. And you can launch more thematic activities, such as: watching TV programs, winning the game can be collected props, etc., in order to attract viewers to experience the game. In addition, many hand travel, online games operators will be invited to star endorsement, of course, the best actor or actress starring drama. At present, Iqiyi, Youku, Sohu and other video portals on the "update" spend thousands of bone, the amount of demand has billions of dollars. If these portals and video collaboration, so the promotion effect certainly is the lever up.

let the game player to the game of the same name into a sense of

I personally experienced this "spend thousands of bones," the hand travel, whether it is the game screen, or the story, and basically no relationship with the TV half dime. Don’t say it is a waste Webpage Game, game player in the game could not find the TV experience and sense of substitution. It is difficult to estimate the same hand tour or page tour is difficult to succeed, the story of the game and the plot is equally important in the game highly homogeneous today, with the characteristics of the Chinese wind or the game can attract players. There are countless pages of the same page tour or hand travel as a flash in the pan, in the final analysis is not to seize the player’s novel complex or TV complex.

novel, drama, games in three different areas, but may have the same type of consumer groups, fans can completely transform resources, and then complete the realization of profits. For game operators, the ability to seize the audience, readers, players common psychological complex, >