Taobao SEO into a money making tool is the key to success

SEO when Baidu search engine optimization like a raging fire when the Taobao launched a new search algorithm and search the baby shop, SEO shop free ranking optimization support, which makes Taobao SEO become hot up, now in the Taobao mix, if you do not know how the Taobao SEO optimization techniques brush, it is difficult to make higher profits, and even become a source of water, completely unable to survive.

so how to do well the construction of Taobao SEO optimization? The most important way is to fully understand the Taobao baby ranking rules, then according to these rules, optimize the baby description, so as to let the baby in the search results ranking rising, this way because of low cost, but it can have a very significant effect including, increase sales, and to increase the shop praise rate, finally can also improve the shop level, can be said that the first step to win, win step. It also highlights the importance of Taobao SEO optimization in the operation of Taobao stores.

and do a good job in the optimization of Taobao SEO key lies in the flexible use of methods and techniques, combined with the author’s experience in the marketing circles summed up the Taobao SEO optimization techniques.


analysis of website optimization key, the current Taobao SEO optimization principle in focus is the choice of keywords, such as title, store product release time control, and the description of the baby, the window of the recommended content, but also focus on the user experience of the baby, and the Baidu SEO optimization is very similar, but there are also some of their characteristics. This author believes in the optimization focus in numerous keywords is a key priority, in the shop, not only the title to distribution of keywords, in the description of the baby, to the natural distribution of keywords, so it can increase the weight of the page, so as to enhance the ranking page.

The Taobao

value under the framework of the set, this is Taobao a more common way in improving the baby ranking, from the shelf time shorter, the baby shop’s ranking on the former, this is Taobao optimization principle very fair, so as to shorten the Taobao Taobao shelves and shelves the time interval, but don’t be the shelf time and on time interval is very short, even by way of the software automatically under the framework of the baby to enhance the site rankings, it is easy to judge for cheating Taobao.


should pay attention to the recommended optimal window, the window is not recommended shop internal core product launch, Taobao is an important reference of the baby is recommended, but now a lot of the owner for the window of the recommended settings and is not very cold, often choose some baby into the window, which is actually neglected the important window of the recommended. And Taobao SEO optimization is a departure from.

fourth joined disappear, which is added to the consumer protection service, the actual online shop a commitment to consumers, as Taobao official, if their platform selling a large number of fake and shoddy goods, and consumers are not to appeal for compensation, then this.

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