Xue Manzi has jingfangxingju called V as the emperor Memorial marking

, Beijing, September (Xinhua) 14, the voice of the Internet has no supervision, no norms, no warning…… In the constant pursuit of sound, my vanity gradually expanded, and then carried away, misleading users awareness and understanding of events, causing discontent catharsis, neglected as a network big V social responsibility, adverse demonstration effect."

September 13th, the first detention center in Beijing, a large network of V by Beijing police criminal detention Xue Manzi (Xue Biqun Chinese) such as reflection. In conversation with the police, he whispered, his chest with the question and answer, is no longer a month before the guest at the CCTV network talk with eloquence "positive energy", or half a month ago early into the detention center of the big V "style still go with head high and chest out".

are now on the walls, "Xue Manzi" from the news that the supreme, Supreme Procuratorate issued on the handling of the use of information network of slander and other criminal cases of judicial interpretation, is very concerned, nervous, ask about the specific content of the police to reveal their mentality and attitude changes become network V do, combined with its profound reflection on the maintenance of the network order in accordance with the law.

big V Road: from "careful" to "do not verify forward"

over the past three years, micro-blog is the development of China’s blowout in the past three years. It was during this period, Xue Manzi from a fan of tens of thousands of people in the "grassroots", the rocket shot up to 12 million fans of the big V. Xue Manzi sort out their own network big V growth path, there are three main stages:

"fans grew into the first climax, from 2011 during the Spring Festival micro-blog crackdown date. At that time, I saw this thing, and Yu Jianrong, together with them to promote this activity, but also a board of directors of the United States, and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United states." Xue Manzi said that through this activity, his micro-blog fans look into the hundreds of thousands.

the second stage is May 2011, Xue Manzi announced his cancer news on micro-blog, again attracted a significant increase in the amount of fans, and soon more than 1 million.

fans from one million to ten million leap in third stages. In this process, micro-blog operators and some media to recommend a Xue Manzi big V road accelerator. "Sina has chosen me and Li Kaifu, Ren Zhiqiang, and other actors, such as,,,, micro-blog, recommended to the new micro-blog."


, Xue Manzi and on some magazine covers, TV interview, micro-blog Master often attend the meeting, initiated charitable activities, the amount of fans quickly rose from 1 million to 5 million, again exceeded 10 million, has become one of the first batch of the ten million big V.

Xue Manzi claiming, "knowledge structure of love jokes, good undisciplined old elf character and one", is in line with the propagation characteristics of micro-blog from the media in the form of; at the same time, age and experience.

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