On site positioning in the topic

      Internet from birth to now, can be said to have been in development, the various services of the Internet is based on the upgrade, but the traditional Internet business has been the pioneer to seize the future, the entrepreneur is difficult to accomplish something, after all, not everyone can think that taobao.com Zachu a lot of money to advertise this website, the new profit point and a new mode of operation on the agenda.

      to the website profit, the content of your website is the best people did not expect or prominent, therefore, when preparing to establish a website, to the theme of the site there is a basic but accurate positioning, which is related to your profit point.

      we know that any enterprise (unless you don’t want to grow) has its own positioning, the positioning of the site as the enterprise’s orientation, determines the fate of the site can be big –.

      that is the location of the site? The site location is the site of what role in the Internet, to the target group (visitors) to convey the concept of what or what services are provided through the website, what kind of role to play; in short, what is your website. Therefore, the location of the site is quite critical, in other words, the site is the site of the site construction strategy, and the site architecture, content, performance, etc. are located around these sites.

      the location of the site must be established on the basis of market research, Chairman Mao once said: no investigation no right to speak. Only if we investigate the market, we can have an accurate idea of the location of the site.

      for example: you see Taobao profit, you echocardiography, also want to do a similar website. But if you blindly invest money, operation, absolute loss. Taobao has developed to a relatively high level, it is difficult to have similar sites, it is not worth to follow.

      we should care about is not on the websites of the market (operation mode) or similar but the development of general and not many websites, we will move in these fields, how to know the market what what not?

      this requires us to learn more about fashion and fashion. Here I strongly recommend you pay more attention to some new types of occupation promulgated by the state, usually a birth of occupation, with the information requirements of a new field, I will not say more, people and environment.

      the following article reference market news and other articles are deleted.


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