The United States approved the pornographic website domain name suffix name domain name cybersquatti

the Internet domain name administration approved this year adult porn website domain name suffix XXX, some well-known American public institutions and large enterprises registered. They are not going to get involved in the sex industry, but worried about their own domain name fell into the hands of the porn industry.


California state public education institutions but a tight budget, California State University, Berkeley is still $1200, registered 6 XXX as the domain name for the school and the school football team.

Robert, a spokesman for

University, ·, said the school decided to register a domain name with the popular name of the school football team for an annual fee of $102 ($).

"we want to prevent others as we do not think the proper way of using names and trademarks," Saunders told the Agence France-Presse reporter, "we don’t want to do with the industry that may use this kind of website." University of Kansas registered a series of XXX domain name for the school, including KUgirls (University of Kansas girls) and KUnurses (University of Kansas nurse), spending nearly $3000. The money was spent, but had to spend. The school trademark registration department director said: "we cannot predict which unscrupulous businessman will play what idea in the future."


internet name and number distribution company (ICANN) in March this year, approved the XXX as a top-level domain suffix.

The United States

ICM domain name registration company exclusive management with XXX as the domain name, through a number of middlemen to sell, set up the registration website search day visited nearly 1 million times.

for the protection of trademarks of institutions or enterprises, the agency set up a priority registration period, two months, last week to all public registration. ICM chairman and CEO Stewart · Laurie said, has nearly 80 thousand registered domain name. ICM database shows that some well-known companies registered in the United States, including Nike and Pepsi Co.

ICM spokesman Loren · pomerants Agence France-Presse told reporters, the priority of registration period, the government can apply for protection of domain name, including politicians and culturally sensitive.

"the domain name is not blocked," she said, "they are bought, lest others buy go."

domain name registrar WHOISLookup website data show that the appointment registration website, including Stanford University, Le Louvre Museum, Sony Corp, Coca Cola Co, the Vatican, the Agence France-Presse and boy scouts.

Laurie said, if the institution or enterprise to miss some domain name, ICM will take measures to protect their trademarks.

can not be identified as the domain name open bidding trademark, (gay >

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