Three former business buddy in those years – a Jingdong, Yi Xun and Newegg

after decades of ups and downs, was born in the United States, not just longer than Shanghai to enter the Chinese when new momentum, and a native of Shanghai Yi Xun is married into the Tencent, Jingdong took over, now only started in Beijing Jingdong stand. In these electricity supplier little partner who in the end what happened?

in the corner of the northwest corner of Shanghai, Jiading, there is a tens of thousands of square meters of land, 10 years ago or barren land overgrown with weeds, then, are obsessed create Jiading international automobile city. Today, there is not only the base of the automobile city, but also synonymous with e-commerce in Shanghai, more than and 280 e-commerce companies together to become East China’s e-commerce heights.

however, ten years, Hangzhou Alibaba in the world and then 3C summon wind and call for rain, business tycoon Yi Xun of Shanghai, but the fate of Newegg different: born and grew up in Shanghai not just to enter the Chinese when new momentum, and a fast and easy it is to marry into the Tencent, Jingdong took over, now only started in the Jingdong of Beijing standing.

What happened to


2001 -2005, enter the

Chinese benchmark electricity supplier Newegg

– has been called the electricity supplier personnel "Whampoa  military academy", both Bu Guangqi and Liu Qiangdong have become attached to, and newegg. Bu Guangqi is one of the Chinese and Newegg, Liu Qiangdong founded the Jingdong by Newegg’s inspiration, the founder of the tonight hotel special offer, Ren Xin Deng Tianzhuo also had Newegg work.

in 2000, from the three cities, the flow of the University, the three streams of professional Bu Guangqi came to Shanghai, Zhabei into a mechanical manufacturing plant. Work leisurely, is unable to pay wages. Idle Bu Guangqi began to seriously study, he often went to Fuzhou Road, a Shanghai Bookmall, will spend four hundred or five hundred yuan to buy books, are computer, IT books, it is said that he read the most, the most hard time. But the pressures of life that Bu Guangqi chose to quit, in April 2, 2001, he came to the new network, together with the chairman Zhang Fajun, a total of only 3 people. But the new network is entering the Chinese groping e-commerce mode first American company, Bu Guangqi stayed.

2001 Liu Qiangdong in Zhongguancun to counter the recorder is a new egg supplier. In the course of contacts, Liu Qiangdong and Bu Guangqi became familiar with.

2005, is Chinese in Newegg’s peak period, that year, Zhang Fajun led Bu Guangqi, two people hand in hand, let us Newegg annual sales exceeded $1 billion, the same year, Newegg Chinese also with sales of 60 million yuan, and China extraordinaire, a Jingdong founded in 2003 at the annual sales of less than 10 million yuan.


Bu Guang Qi did not let Zhang Fajun disappointed, he first thought is the American model in China Newegg replication, and soon became Chinese Newegg operator." Electricity business people told the IT times reporter. But who would have thought in the scenery for the new.

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