Tencent specification micro information providers need to be registered blacklist

May 15th, Tencent CEO and chairman of the board of directors of Ma Huateng in the "open and win-win, emphasizing the achievements dream" internal speech in 2015 is an important year for the Tencent development strategy, to hand the two or three line of the city of small and medium-sized enterprises and individual business together to build and embrace the future business opportunities.

Ma Huateng said: since 2013, WeChat in the circle of friends as the carrier, commercial service, company and individual product sales, the exchange of information is increasing, this pattern is broadly defined as "social micro business", as of May 1st, according to incomplete statistics, the number of micro business has exceeded 20 million mark. After 2 years of development and precipitation, we found a lot of problems, but also feel the vitality of this business model and the opportunity for the future. Tencent is willing to own platform strengths and expertise for the majority of small businesses and individuals to provide a better business environment integrity.

micro business practitioners with excellent quality and business management capabilities. As the country’s largest mobile social platform, Tencent to support and encourage micro business, but also to develop rules and regulations to benefit from the market. There are three specific initiatives:

1, Tencent will WeChat circle of friends relates to merchandise sales, merchandise promotion and product introduction content monitoring and filtering system, will be involved in false propaganda to deceive consumers and the products were shielded and blocked, so that the micro business product quality get more chance to display, but also allow consumers in the WeChat platform to buy better product.

2, all micro practitioners will be data registration, responsible for their own sales of goods, consumer complaints, false propaganda, consumer rights.

3, Tencent has opened the official micro WeChat account for the release of micro business behavior guidelines, micro business behavior regulations, as well as the late Tencent official micro business to all the latest rules.

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