CocoaChina founder Liu Guanqun mobile development after wanpiao’s.


"now is not the time for fun, if you want to rely on the development of iOS business, have a serious business to do."

Liu Guanqun introduced his first sentence, neither "I am touch technology COO", or "I am the founder of cocoaChina," but "I am gagaga". In the apple developer community moderator cocoaChina column, you will see the registration in March 29, 2008 ID. Even now, he will look at the forum every day, reply, edit, manage.

as the first concern of application development, is also the founder of apple iOS Developer Forum gathered, Liu Guanqun witnessed the spectacular development of early application of doing the play can also fire, and now there are many developers failed to consider the profit way worried. "How much the market size is now not just for fun? S, if you want to rely on the development of iOS business, have a serious business to do."

now hand tour is also very primitive. The original Internet, including Discuz!, tools such as phpwind, because of their own, do a forum easy, who can do well and have not depend on the technical threshold, but to see who is more valuable content. If the hand travel development can also provide such tools, you can reduce the requirements of the program, but focus on the game itself."


Liu Guanqun (left) and (right)

following Liu Guanqun readme:

cocoaChina development: registered users have 160 thousand

cocoaChina is the first of a personal website I was actually, I want to do Mac procedures, but Apple’s development documents and no examples to check all kinds of information, and then written blog, later forum. The first is not iOS, but the Mac development community, before the AppStore out there.

then things would be easier to find, I met Ho Chi (Note: touch technology CEO Chen Haozhi), and the northern lights for the money. Now, even after so many years, I still do editing, delete posts and the like, every day will do.

our users started very little, over time, there are already 160 thousand registered users. This is the vast majority of developers, not too many App users, players, etc.. These developers have half or more than half of the rest of the technology, in some people do art, do the planning, to this industry, there are some search or HR.

headhunting is here why? Because iOS development

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