Discuz! Tencent analysis heat zone map comprehensive on-line automatic recognition of a new era of o


from Discuz! Official news, analysis of the Tencent (English abbreviation TA) heavy build intelligent zone map comprehensive on-line, open a new era of automatic identification of hotspots. "Hot zone map" can help webmasters easily grasp the web page material distribution, visitors preference, is the webmaster assistant operation.

It is reported that

, the hot pages display form different from the traditional, TA hotspots map can be described as "the history of the most intelligent" hotspots map – TA created zone automatic identification function, in the view area map, the webmaster will only be in any area of the page the mouse hover 0.5 seconds, TA will automatically identify the hot spots, and display the current PV and other information, to help owners understand visitor preference of different regions and the content of the page, make the page more convenient and intelligent analysis.




hot front effect diagram

addition, hot drawing can also show the visitors with local sources, regional distribution, search words and browser type, convenient webmaster easily grasp the visitor behavior and attribute characteristics of the hot spot.


map: page local visitors, geographical distribution, search terms and other display


service is open mode is very simple, the Tencent has opened the site please log in directly, the configuration is carried out according to the following guidelines, the next day you can use hot map service.


: the left navigation page analysis -> page hotspot map, create hotspots map, you can view the hotspot map data

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