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Ali health online system for telemedicine

lead: Bloomberg recently wrote that, although the Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu as the representative of the Chinese technology companies in recent years have been exploring the field of internet medical, but subject to various factors and failed, but they are still trying to explore new opportunities.

below is the full text of the article:

2014, Alibaba founder Jack Ma announced an ambitious plan to improve China’s hospitals, lower drug prices, improve people’s health.

other Chinese technology tycoons are also optimistic about China’s medical and health fields, only that year, the Internet in the field of medical investment soared 7 times more than the total amount of $1 billion 400 million. Since then, Baidu has developed a mobile application for doctors to provide online diagnostic services, while Tencent has invested in a number of start-up companies. Ma Yun Ali before the plan to promote health, trying to bring medical services online, and even the development of an Internet pharmacy.

3 years later, regardless of size, most Chinese companies are difficult to make money from these projects. Ali’s healthy development of drug traceability and online pharmacy business has also been hit by a sudden adjustment of regulatory policy, the company’s share price in Hongkong fell by more than 70% of its highest point in 2015.

according to the data of arterial network, in the last quarter of 2016, China’s digital health industry investment shrank by 10%, while the previous quarter is a sharp decline of 41%. IT orange statistics show that at least 26 companies from the field of bankruptcy.

"a lot of people realized in 2016 that many projects were losing money and there was no hope of making money." Fosun Group former investment manager Wang Yipei (Wang Yipei, transliteration) said that he is currently serving a public hospital in Beijing.

business model

Ma Yun the billionaire does have reason to see the potential from the Chinese medical and health field: millions of elderly people suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer, they are willing to pay for expensive treatment costs more than ordinary people. It seems to be a profitable model to link patients, pharmacies and doctors via the internet.

"today’s water, air, and food safety will certainly lead to many diseases in our family in 10 years." At a forum in 2014, Ma Yun pointed out that those who have the ability to provide solutions can tap opportunities.

Ali health about what the bright prospect: any China patients can get the diagnosis of well-known doctors through the online medical platform, and then to the company’s electronic prescription pharmacy issued by the way of distribution network can be traced back to the patient’s home door.

last year, however, regulators ended a handful of e-commerce sites for drug pilot programs, including Alibaba’s Tmall. >

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