Do stand a secret avoid impetuous, concentrate on providing core services

      I began to do the second half of 2005 stations, so far, nearly two years.

      now I concentrate on doing a station, member 100 thousand, the climax of the visit reached 60 thousand IP, pv20 million, the station is now used for a period of 9 months.

      June 2005 when I started trying to collect, [believe that many of them are doing here behind the station], or the human acquisition, made a computer technology station, Baidu is also crazy included, the daily traffic around 1000~1500IP, the monthly income of 100 yuan, ha ha, the cost is 100 yuan a year. Done 2 months, earned the Baidu alliance, the first piece of advertising costs, but also some of the more than and 100 miss… Ha-ha。 Soon, there is a person looking for me, saying that I look at the domain name, to talk about 500 to sell quickly. Later, other domain name hanging the station, found that Baidu does not included..

      continue to collect, want to do more stations, found that Baidu is not for those who have sex..

      later, the collection network, put it, Baidu included a lot, and suddenly all deleted… 1 months later, there are inexplicable all inclusive…

      this model net to today, every update, every day about 1000IP… Earn only Google ads…… 1-2 dollars a day.

      I do not waste the network at the same time, did a forum…

      the forum has developed rapidly. Often one day about one thousand member registration.

      content is about the hot stuff… Ha ha.. Anyway, there are users need something…

      2-3 days per week is very popular, while online up to 3000 people..

      then make Google Advertising is really fun…. Up to $30 a day.. As far as I am concerned, I am really satisfied]

      but I am a hard core thing, it’s all my hard work once a week, and then share it with my members.. And is the first time the fastest share.

      rely on this, the station, a total of only half a month of publicity, and then all rely on

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