51 net cash back rebate was criticized for 790 thousand full conversion in 12 years

every reporter Tao force from Shanghai

last July, the newspaper had "rebate network overlord terms blamed precipitation funds or millions" reported the existence of the rebate website industry unspoken rule and irregularities. However, more than half a year has passed, this phenomenon has not been fundamentally improved, but there is a growing trend.

yesterday (May 4th), Mr. Chen Hangzhou people to the "daily economic news" reporter reported, in February this year, 51 rebate network officially launched a campaign through the official Apple store shopping, including iPhone, iPad full range of products returned 10 times F coins (51 return enabling network virtual currency, 100F the coin worth 1 yuan).

taking into account a price of 5288 yuan apple iPhone5s mobile phone can receive rebates of about 528 yuan, he and four other friends to buy about 15000000 yuan of Apple products, and look forward to get the rebate before March 31st.

, however, things are not as simple as he imagined. Not only to account for the delay to the date of April 3rd, the amount can be extracted every day is only 500 yuan, and it takes between two to three working days to arrive.

more than a month down, he extracted the amount of less than 10 thousand yuan. "I am now down to account for the rebate amount is 790 thousand yuan, which is 1580 days I want to exchange." Mr. Chen said. According to his calculations, 790 thousand yuan to complete the extraction of the need for 12 years.

this, 51 rebate network reply reporter said in an interview yesterday, the rebate network every day to deal with very large number of members of the rebate, processing takes time; most of the accounts cash audit is not required, but there is little need to audit accounts, mainly for account may pose a security risk, so the need for manual audit information. Redeem the rebate network set treasure under normal circumstances will exchange appropriate incentives for members within 3 working days (holidays have extended).

exchange 500 yuan to at least 3 days

reporter learned that this time 51 rebate network in cooperation with Apple’s official website, in the industry has caused great repercussions. A propaganda message of the website shows, February 12th to February 14th, 51 rebate network super back channel to buy apple iPhone/iPad full range of products, the site will provide a total of over ten million yuan subsidy.

, however, this commitment is not as beautiful as it initially seemed.

Chen runs a Taobao store, the main apple products. He told reporters, together with his four friends, in 51 the amount of net cash back rebates of up to 1 million 500 thousand yuan or so, but they are not honored. At that time, the site’s advertising page is written 5288 yuan back to $528.8, but the actual return is F yuan, we do not know."

web site the next way to let him crash

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