No regulation vulgar exemption government web site jurisprudence should also be punished

Reporters yesterday, according to the

users to provide information in the search page keywords type " Yuechi county public network " and " Yuechi County People’s government " search, search results appear in the first click on the link in it into a called " sub EVA Mito & quot; the porn site with passion temptation, star photo, energy-saving main column. The content of the website is also some vulgar information and not fit to be seen. Not only that, the site will also be automatically linked to the net color Daquan and the purchase of adult goods online website. (Nanfang Daily, February 4th)

although the government website jurisprudence is not what rare thing, but nowadays with " the special action of wind regulation network vulgar is like a raging fire of " in this special background, let people feel strange. In the " network; vulgar, everyone shouting " the context of reality, a region that has two formal website at the same time jurisprudence, though emotionally difficult to accept, but it did not " a good reminder; " – heavy regulation vulgar in the future will be how the


in the usual way of thinking, the government website should be positive and eight with serious, authoritative and vulgar; website is usually do not see the light, shamelessly seek personal gain. Theoretically, the two should be the same as the wind horse. In fact, the vulgar wind blew once not long " eyes; " often, borderless, get in by every opening is not strong sense of responsibility, as long as the management measures in place, even if it is a government website, will be " " you did not discuss a vulgar.

so, remediation vulgar should not leave any " dead angle ". Sometimes, the more likely it is impossible to vulgar place, the more vulgar it is very shocking. The vulgar wind where heavy regulation vulgar should be timely to hit what. In short, what " no vulgar regulation; free " website. Judging from the current situation, the government website jurisprudence, users and reporters did not think of the first time " remediation office ". The author believes that this is the current " remediation do " weak work and the future need to be strengthened.

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